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It's no secret that I am a huge fan of digital businesses. Making Mumpreneurs was born when I was living in Abu Dhabi as an expat, and felt isolated and detached from the wonderful face-to-face business community I had built around myself in West London. I threw all my energy into building an online community for Mumpreneurs from all over the world. It meant that I could run the business around my family and create my own schedule. Best of all, when we returned to the UK I could still run the business as normal!
There are so many opportunities to build businesses online, but I understand that often the first stumbling block is coming up with the right idea! 
Becoming a Social Media Manager is a great option for mums wanting to work for themselves. You can run your business from a laptop and a smartphone, and work around school hours. 
It can be daunting to retrain in a new area, but luckily there is help at hand. I'm delighted to be collaborating with Digital Mums to share information with you about their awesome Social Media Marketing Training Courses.
Digital Mums have a brilliant vision - to help every mum to achieve their perfect work/life balance.
"Too many mums are still forced into having to choose between a fulfilling career or being there for their children. According to research we commissioned, there are currently 2.6 million mums not working in the UK. Of course, for some staying at home is a choice, but seven in 10 stay-at-home mums would go back to work if there was more flexibility. Our research also shows 64% of mums have taken work below their skill level simply because it is flexible"
With their innovative training, you gain real world social media management experience. Within six months, you’ll be ready to set up as a freelance Social Media Manager. This is a fantastic way to work for yourself around family life.
I know several women who have completed the Digital Mums course and are running successful businesses so I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. The courses are great if you want to upskill in social media or take the learning in your own business. 
I asked my good friend, Jenny Neville from Mama Knows Social about how the course has helped her to build a flexible digital business: 
What attracted you to the Digital Mums course? 
I had always enjoyed the social media aspect of my own business and had started managing the social media for a friend’s business. I loved doing this but always felt like there was so much more I could do with it if I had a deeper understanding of how to use social media marketing strategically for business. When I came across Digital Mums on Twitter it just jumped out at me - it was like the course was designed exactly for me. I joined a Twitter chat one night and chatted with some graduates whose enthusiasm was contagious. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming plus the course sounded like such a perfect fit that I knew it was for me.
You were social media savvy before you started the course, how has it helped you hone your skills?
The course isn’t just about using learning to use social media itself. It’s taught me how to use it strategically for business. How to drill down into a business and gain a real understanding of it’s objectives, how important it is to identify the target customer and how to find and understand those customers. The course keeps up with the fast moving world of social media and introduced me to so many tools, apps and strategies to keep up and ahead of the game. 
Do you need to have prior knowledge of social media to do this course?
No, but you do need to be interested in it!
How has completing the course helped your business evolve?
Completing the course gave me a whole new skill set which evolved into a totally new area for my business. My two areas of interest are parenting and social media and I’ve since worked hard to bring these two seemingly unrelated areas together and created Mama Knows Social. Without Digital Mums I would never have made this step, it was exactly what I needed. The DM Collective is the alumni group that graduates have access to and it is by far the most supportive and amazing group I’ve ever been part of. If you have a question about social media, need some inspiration, are feeling nervous about an upcoming client meeting, or just want to know if it’s too early for wine/gin you can be sure the DM Collective will have your back. As a freelancer working from home, I can’t tell you just how valuable this is. 
Can you describe to us your average day?
My average day starts with the mayhem and madness of getting the children up and out of the door to school on time! After dropping them off I usually make some time to do a short yoga session then after that it’s time to get stuck in. The first thing I do is to check in on my client’s channels and respond to anything that requires it. Then depending on the day, I’ll spend time creating and curating content, scheduling it to client’s channels and engaging and interacting on their channels. I also make time to ‘do the hustle’ or engage and interact on my own business pages. As a freelancer, I always need to make sure I have more leads for work coming in. The end of the school day always comes around quickly and I head off the collect the kids again and spend time with them in the afternoons. Sometimes I need to do a bit more work in the afternoon or evening, but not every day.
What does your new career mean for yourself and your family?
My career path means I am here for my boys. It is really important to me to be able to take my children to and from school and to be present when they need me. It’s not always easy but it works perfectly for us. For me, this is success.
Do you have any advice for someone interested in taking the course? 
Do it, you won’t regret it!
If you like the idea of becoming a Digital Mum and creating a business around family life, find out more about the courses here. With this link you will receive £100 off the course price.

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  • The Cocoon was a vital support to me as I got ready to launch my business. Everyone is so supportive and keen to help, not just the panel members (who are great!) but all the members as well. There’s a real feeling of ‘sisterhood’ on there, with mutual encouragement and bags of useful advice and support. Through the Cocoon I was guided through the decision of whether to set up Amazing Futures as a limited company or as a Sole Trader.

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